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Why Agile Teams Love Data Masking
We unpack why Agile teams rely on data masking to control access to sensitive data without disrupting development.
August And September Data Privacy Law Updates
We summarize the latest data privacy law updates in the U.S. as well as the rest of the world.
T-Mobile Data Breach: How To Avoid A Similar Breach In Your Organization
Avoiding costly data breaches can be as simple as knowing where your data resides, and de-identifying sensitive information quickly.
July Data Privacy Law Updates
July was an incredibly busy month on the privacy front with a host of new data privacy laws coming into effect.
Unpacking The Concept Of K-Anonymity
Discover why k-anonymity is regarded as an important standard for data privacy and how our software was designed to exceed that standard.
Back To Basics: De-Identification VS Data Masking
The terms data masking and de-identification are used interchangeably, but it's important is to understand what data needs to de-identified and why, as well as the right method to use.
Data Masking Facts Vs Fiction
How well do you understand data masking? We separate the facts from the fiction to help you make the best buying decision for your business.
May-June Data Privacy Law Updates
Discover the latest data privacy law updates from the US and the rest of the world.
Why Data Privacy And DevOps Should Always Work Hand in Hand
Over and above the role of compliance officers, data privacy also falls on the shoulders of DevOps teams – as development environments are often where the journey of data begins.
The Accellion Data Breach – What We Know And What Can Be Learned From It
The Accellion data breach affected hundreds of high-profile companies across the world. We look at what went wrong and what we can learn from the incident.
How Our Partner Program Solves Your Clients’ Biggest Data Privacy Problems
By helping our business grow as a software reseller, you’re growing your business too – and making the business world a safer place for your customers.
April Data Privacy Law Roundup
In today's Hush-Hush data privacy blog, we round up the latest data privacy law updates from around the world.
What Is The Difference Between Data Security And Data Privacy?
Data security and data privacy may not be the same, but investing in data protection solutions that cover both ensures your customers’ data is always safe.
The Benefits of Data Masking For Financial Services
Discover how data masking meets the specific data protection and data privacy law compliance needs of financial institutions.
Virginia Passes Its Own Version Of The CCPA
Everything you need to know about Virginia's CDPA privacy law, which has been compared to California’s CCPA, considered the most stringent consumer data protection law in the U.S.
The Simple Guide to Sensitive Data Discovery
Sensitive Data Discovery helps system administrators and DevOps teams locate, classify, and isolate data, no matter where it is located.
What Developers Need To Know About The GDPR
In our latest blog, we unpack what developers need to know about GDPR compliance.
Our Top 5 Data Privacy Predictions For 2021
With Covid-19 disruption continuing well into the new year, we've compiled our 5 data privacy predictions for 2021.
Our Latest Updates Usher In New Era Of Seamless Data Privacy
Hush-Hush has released key updates to its patented data masking tools and sensitive data discovery tool. Key updates to the software include a new Import and Export editor, new filters in our Number Rollup component.
Data Security Statistics From 2020 You Might Have Missed
We take a deep dive into various industry reports to identify some important data privacy statistics from 2020.
What You Need To Know About The New HITECH Amendment
Known as HR 7898 or the HIPAA Safe Harbor Bill, the HITECH amendment aims to increase compliance with HIPAA and HITECH.
Will The UK Still Fall Under The GDPR After Brexit?
With Brexit, Britain has left the European Union (EU) and no longer falls under the GDPR. We unpack what this means for data privacy in the UK.
Why DevOps Should Be Your Privacy Champions
Implementing Privacy by Design and early security practices gives you better control of data in your business.
Why Easy Integration Is Important For Developer Tools
We explain how developer tools with native integration help teams test, deploy, and schedule with little effort.
Hush-Hush Sponsors First Virtual Matahacks Event
Hush-Hush was a proud sponsor of Matahacks, a 48-hour virtual hackathon in which students created their own products.
The Importance Of Data Protection For Pharma Companies
Protecting pharmaceutical data and HIPAA compliance go hand in glove. Learn how sensitive data discovery can help.
Bookmark This GDPR Checklist For Your Business
The GDPR relates to all businesses that collect personal data of EU citizens. Follow this simple GDPR checklist to see how clean your compliance record is.
How Sensitive Data Discovery Helps Protect Your Student Data
Sensitive data discovery allows you to manage three key elements of successful student data protection: FERPA compliance, student data privacy, and data loss prevention.
What to expect from the SAFE DATA Act
The SAFE DATA Act grants substantive privacy rights to US citizens and precedes state privacy laws. Our privacy experts unpack what you need to know.
Everything You Need To Know About CCPA Compliance
Our data privacy experts outline everything you need to know about the California Consumer Privacy Act data privacy law to achieve CCPA compliance.
The Only Data Privacy Glossary You'll Ever Need
Navigating data privacy and compliance can be daunting. Here is a list of the most common data privacy terms you should be aware of.
Data Masking Best Practice For Test Data Management
Data masking best practice reduces the risk of data breaches and protects the referential integrity of test data outside of the production environment
How To Train Your Team To Avoid The Most Common Insider Threats
Human error accounts for 23% of data breaches, while 19% are caused by stolen credentials. Learn how to combat insider threats in your business.
How Much Does A Data Breach Really Cost A Business?
The cost of a data breach depends on the type of data breached. In the U.S. the average is $8.64 million, the highest in the world.
Rapid Digital Transformation In Healthcare And The Need For Data Privacy
Rapid digital transformation is changing the healthcare industry, but many healthcare organizations are ill-equipped to understand the risks.
Why Data Masking Works Best For Different Types Of Breaches
Protecting sensitive data from all types of data breaches is every company’s lawful responsibility. Data masking is one proven method.
What Is The Difference Between Personal and Sensitive Data?
Sensitive data is data that describes a person in a specific way, with certain attributes that used together, can be used to identify that person.
Why Every Risk Management Plan Worth Its Salt Should Start With Data Discovery
Sensitive Data Discovery locates data wherever it is hiding in your business. It also classifies which data is sensitive and should be masked or encrypted.
Everything You Need To Know About HIPAA Compliance
HIPAA specifies the safeguards that must be in place to protect the privacy of patient data in order for a business to secure HIPAA compliance.
Why Is Healthcare So At Risk To Data Breaches?
More than 45% of data breaches are healthcare data breaches. This year, one of the biggest data breaches was reported by a Fortune 500 healthcare company.
Approaching Data Privacy From A Customer’s Perspective
Data privacy regulations are on the side of the consumer. Both the GDPR and the CCPA see individual autonomy as the ultimate objective of data protection
How To Protect Data From Insider Threats During Lockdown
Data masking can help you control the flow of data in your business and ensure only authorized staff can access sensitive data and PII.
How To Secure Sensitive Data When Your Team Is Working From Home
The biggest disadvantage associated with having a remote workforce is security. Letting teams work from home equates to hundreds of potential data leaks.
The Simple Guide to Data Masking
Data masking is the safest method of protecting sensitive data. It replaces sensitive values with realistic values that cannot be used to identify someone.
Top EU Court Invalidates EU-US Privacy Shield
The CJEU has invalidated the EU-US Privacy Shield, which allows the legal transfer of personal data between the EU and the U.S.
What is the difference between data encryption and data masking?
What is data masking? Data masking uses a masking algorithm to replace real data with similar values to essentially "mask" sensitive information.
How Covid-19 Is Reshaping How We Think About Data Privacy
According to a recent KPMG survey, 75% of Americans are thinking more about data privacy now than before the COVID-19 pandemic began.
Adopting The NIST Privacy Framework Could Be The Best Business Decision You Can Make
The NIST Privacy Framework is designed to help organizations manage and protect individual sensitive data and manage the associated privacy risks.
Does Data Masking Meet HITRUST CSF recommendations?
The HITRUST CSF is a set of rules, known as a common security framework (CSF), that is updated annually to keep up with current breach data and cyber threats.
Data Privacy Regulations You Need To Know About
There is no getting around data privacy regulations. Each country, state, and region has its own legislation on data protection and these are updated regularly.
5 Ways To Manage Data Privacy Risk In Your Organization
Proper data governance comes down to having data privacy as a strategic priority and understanding data privacy risk.
Google’s Recent GDPR Fine Is A Lesson To All Businesses
Google's recent unsuccessful attempt to appeal a GDPR fine is an important turning point in the war against data privacy law non-compliance.
October 2019 News - Latest Releases, GDPR happenings, and more
In this issue: NEWS, NEWS, and more NEWS! New components, past events, upcoming webinars, and more October2019 Phone 855.968.4874 Fax 855.487.4773 Hush-Hush EditorialJustlike with the year 2000, GDPR has created a lot of anxiety among software professionals and rightfully so...
Azure and RollUp components Issue
Azure Issue96 August 2017 Phone 855.968.4874 Fax 855.487.4773 In This Issue Product News AzureAs announced in our press release, now you can try HushHush Data Masking components in Azure with a free limited time trial for a month Our solution is a VM based image with the components and the sample solution that has a package per each component with a typical data sample...
Press Release: Hush-Hush Announces the Only Data Anonymization Solution to Natively Extend Microsoft
LAS VEGAS-Aug 22, 2017-PRLog-- HushHush, the leading innovator in the data de-identification space, today announced the general availability of its SSIS- based solution release into Azure - the only data anonymization/static data masking solution that natively extends Microsoft's stack of products...
Security Data Warrior Presentation at SQL Saturday LA
Vlad Ushakov and Virginia Mushkatblat present at the very first SQL Satuday LA on June 10, 2017 ...
We were proud sponsors of SQL Malibu, our permanent local group of SQL enthusiasts At the last moment the founder of HushHush, Virginia, stepped in to substitute sick scheduled presenter...
Mask Data in SQL Server - Dynamic and Static Masking
We have recently enjoyed participating in the SQL Saturday Orange County with the seminar on Data Masking While introducing new and exciting feature of Dynamic Data Masking, Microsoft has created some confusion in many people on when and how to use it...
SQL Security Fundamentals with PASS' VC Fundamentals
For HushHush, the month of June was full of PASS Virtual Chapter Presentations.On June 10th, HushHush presented on the fundamentals of SQL Server Security For those of you who missed the event, here is the link to the recording: VC Fundamentals Youtube ChannelA total of 275 people attended the session...
Learn SSIS with SQL Malibu in May 2016
Come and learn SSIS old and new features on May 26, 2016 ...
Next April 19th Meeting SQL Malibu with Thomas Grohser
HushHush in conjunction with CSUN sponsors SQL Malibu April's Meeting Thomas Grosher is demonstrating that BigData is not all about Hadoop...
Supporting ISACA LA Spring Conference on April 12
Supporting local ISACA: we partook in the spring ISACA conference and did a raffle This conference is an important educational event for all learning about software compliance...
SQL Saturday Webinar - part 2, hands-on
For those who missed the presentation on Saturday, April 2 in Orange County SQL Saturday, the link to the presentation is posted on a schedule You can also join our webinar, part 2 with hands-on masking demo: Hi there, Virginia Mushkatblat is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting...
SQL Saturday Orange County - HushHush founder is speaking about Data Masking
Please join Virginia Mushkatblat in her presentation about data masking techniques for Dynamic Data Masking with SQL Server, Static Data Masking with custom and tools She will cover algorithms, scenarios and privacy-in-design approaches...
Meeting with Kathi - Always a Success
Meeting Kathi Kellenberger at SQL Malibu was a delight She always delivers an outstanding quality, and this time was not an exception...
HushHush and SQL Malibu: Kathi Kellenberger
Next Meeting: Tue, Feb 16 2016The need for a SQL Server DBALanguage: EnglishEvent Type: In-Person & OnlineOnline Meeting URL: RSVPURL: /p>Kathi Kellenberger | Teammate with Linchpin People and Data Platform MVP, co-author of SQL Server books, a trainer and speakerSQL Server is a popular and powerful relational database system It's easy to install with just a few clicks...
$750,000 HIPAA settlement underscores the need for organization-wide risk analysis
Once again, the organizations are reminded that payments for non-compliance are not limited to a small fee The enterprise-wide risk assessment and analysis is needed to understand where to put protections against the breaches...
Ever thought of how to speed up your ETL? Come to learn to Brandon Leach's Partitioning Presentation
Table Partitioning in SQL ServerBrandon Leach | DBA for SurveyMonkey, SQL Server Professional, Co-Organizer for the New England SQL User's Group, and Speaker City of Calabasas Library 200 Civic Center Way Calabasas, CA 91302 November 19th, 6:30 pm Do you find you have tables and indexes that have grown really large? Are you moving around a lot more data than you used to? Are your windows for jobs and maintenance getting tighter? If you answered yes to any of these questions, partitioning may be for you!Partitioning allows us to break a table or index down into smaller more manageable chunks It can enable us to perform maintenance on just part of a table or index...
FTC and International Partners Launch New Privacy initiative
FTC and seven international partners boost international dialogue and create an initiative to boost cooperation among countries in handling consumers' privacy Thanks to enabling new technology, the complaints can now go international with more privacy enhancement...
PASS conference is starting tomorrow
PASS is a great event for every professional in the SQL server domain, be they novice or a seasoned professional There are a total of 5000 people from 52 countries...
HushHush is a proud sponsor of SQL Saturday Oregon, on October 24
This is an especially rich event with many sessions devoted to SQL Server stack security and privacy as well as Business Intelligence We are hoping to meet all of you at the event, and will be happy to explain how you could use SSIS for data masking as well as reporting services.See you Saturday!...
Community Events: Hardening SQL Server With SQL Malibu and Craig Purnell
Please, come to partake in the excitement of learning about SQL Server security! Craig Purnell presents "Hardening SQL Server" October 15, in Calabasas Public Library, at 6:00 pm with SQL Malibu Next Meeting: Thu, Oct 15 2015October 2015Language: EnglishEvent Type: OnlineOnline Meeting URL: NoneRSVPURL: http://sqlmalibu1510.eventbrite.comHardening SQL Server Craig Purnell |Independent Consultant,Database Administrator, SQL Server Professional, Speaker, Microsoft Certified TrainerNeed to build a more secure SQL Server? Attend this session and learn what you can do today to make your SQL Server more secure...
Dynamics of Data Breach Discovery
As major companies and their clients discover, the first number announced for the data breaches don't show the scale of the disaster The following article follows up on the dynamics of the data breachesDynamics of Data Breach Discovery...
OPM breach and National Security
I heard from many readers last week who were curious why I had not weighed in on the massive (and apparently still unfolding) data breach at the U.S Office of Personnel Management (OPM)...
It's All About Privacy
In our second installment of the #GenXTT I was excited to bring a bunch of smart GenXers together to espouse their views on privacy After the Millennial Think Tank Session on Privacy, I wanted to determine if there were differences in perception about Privacy among GenXers, especially given the increasing influence of technology.It's All About Privacy...
Card Breach at Natural Grocers
Sources in the financial industry tell KrebsOnSecurity they have traced a pattern of fraud on customer credit and debit cards suggesting that hackers have tapped into cash registers at Natural Grocers locations across the country The grocery chain says it is investigating “a potential data security incident involving an unauthorized intrusion targeting limited customer payment card data.....
HushHush is Presenting in Silicon Valley
SQLSaturday is a free, one-day learning event about SQL Server, Microsoft Business Intelligence, and Big Data HushHush is Presenting in Silicon Valley...
Can You Let Down Your Guard During Holidays?
Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and then Friday—Black Friday—kicks off the official start of the holiday shopping season Retailers love the materialistic frenzy of the holiday season, and so do cybercriminals...
HushHush Presents at Security Day Fullerton
In an era where massive data breaches have caused some consumers anxiety while swiping their credit card, keeping out hackers is a hot topic among students learning to build and maintain the systems that often fall victim HushHush Presents at Security Day Fullerton...
Internal Privacy Breach: Mayor Rob Ford's privacy breached, hospital says
Mount Sinai is the latest in a string of hospitals to compromise patient confidentiality Over the summer, the Star revealed that GTA hospitals provided records without authorization to baby photographers and in one case, to RESP marketing companies...
Third-party Snapchat site claims photos were hacked from server
Developers behind, which stores Snapchat pictures, claim user photos were stolen - while another claim the site’s administrator gave access to hackers Third-party Snapchat site claims photos were hacked from server...
Your medical record is worth more to hackers than your credit card
Your medical information is worth 10 times more than your credit card number on the black market.Last month, the FBI warned healthcare providers to guard against cyber attacks after one of the largest U.S hospital operators, Community Health Systems Inc, said Chinese hackers had broken into its computer network and stolen the personal information of 4.5 million patients...
Chinese Hackers Pull Largest Cyberattack
Data breaches at health care systems are on the rise, experts say, and these will become more common in the coming years as more patient data goes digital.Community Health Systems, a large health care group that has 206 hospitals in 29 states, said Monday that a cyberattack originating in China resulted in the theft of Social Security numbers and other personal data belonging to 4.5 million patients Chinese Hackers Pull Largest Cyberattack ...
An Interesting Case of Fraud at the Hospital
After taking nearly two months to flesh out a patient data breach involving inappropriate internal access, UMass Memorial Medical Center (UMMMC) of Worcester, Mass announced this week that it had alerted more than 2,400 affected patients of the breach...
SQL Saturday Orange County: Testing with SSIS
Often times, a database developer needs to test the data under different scenarios There are many ways to do that, and some of them involve using TFS and other expensive tools.....
Security Experts warn of lack of privacy at web giants
Image Credit: Wikipedia / VentureBeatTech giants are struggling to protect your privacy More to the point, they’re struggling to protect themselves from public criticism...
Hush Hush is at ISACA LA
Mark April 9th – April 13th, 2016 on your calendar and join us at the 2016 Spring Conference, the leading Information Systems IT governance, control, security and assurance event for the Southern California area The ISACA Los Angeles Chapter provides affordable quality training on fundamental information systems auditing concepts and emerging technology risks, and an opportunity to network with other auditing and security professionals.....
Debate on privacy is heating up: Facebook is frustrated
Facebook Co-Founder Mark Zuckerberg made a rare posting on his Facebook page to assure his followers that he takes government threats to Internet security seriously “I’ve called President Obama to express my frustration over the damage the government is creating for all of our future,” he wrote in the note, most likely in relation to recent revelations that the National Security Agency has been hacking into computers and weakening security standards...Debate on privacy is heating up: Facebook is frustrated...
When is anonymization not a good thing?
Anonymous communication platforms and the pre-teen-to-teenage brain are two things that don’t mix all that well Just look at, for example, the social Q&A platform whose shield of anonymity led to cyberbullying that was later cited as a contributing factor in well over half a dozen suicides...
Hush Hush Provides Free Education Session at SQL Malibu
oin us every 2nd or 3rd weekday of every month between 6:00 pm and 7:30PM, where we network and discuss SQL Server topics We will have swag giveaways at the end of the each presentation too...
Feds Look To Big Data On Security Questions
Government IT leaders believe continuous monitoring and advanced analytics can help agencies better understand their networks and security Government IT leaders believe the growth of big data analytics may provide new tools in combating cyber security threats, according to a new report...
Hush Hush Sponsors SQL Saturday Silicon Valley
SQLSaturday was a free, one-day learning event about SQL Server, Microsoft Business Intelligence, and Big Data Hush Hush Sponsors SQL Saturday Silicon Valley...
Microsoft Heads to Global Privacy Summit
This week is particularly exciting for the many people at Microsoft who focus on data privacy Several of us will attend the annual Global Privacy Summit in Washington, D.C., hosted by the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP)...
Neiman Marcus confirms customer payment card data breach
Neiman Marcus Group Ltd is the latest high-profile retailer to confirm that customers' payment card information was stolen and unauthorized charges were made over the holidays...
Shadow IT: Why companies are exposing your data - and what to do about it
The race to cloud computing is exposing private customer information and sensitive corporate data on an unprecedented scale The demand for quicker and cheaper application development is driving this trend.Shadow IT: Why companies are exposing your data - and what to do about it...
Liberty and security in a changing world
The Review Group would like to thank the many people who supported our efforts in preparing this Report A number of people were formally assigned to assist the Group, and all performed with professionalism, hard work, and good cheer...
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