Our Vision

We are pioneers in the data privacy space, dedicated to helping companies safeguard their data and maintain their compliance record effortlessly.

Who We Are

Hush-Hush is a US-based technology company specializing in patented data discovery and data masking solutions for any organization that handles sensitive customer data. After fourteen years of consulting on data privacy practices and creating bespoke data masking solutions for financial institutions, developing patented masking technology was a natural progression. Working for so long in the field, we knew that the onboarding and training process for data masking software was difficult, and integrating a third-party tool even more so. We set out to create a hassle-free solution that integrated into existing workflows seamlessly and required little or no training.

What We Do

Our suite of discovery and masking tools were designed with the end-user in mind and offer comprehensive protection of your most valuable asset – data.

With Hush-Hush solutions you can:

  • Conduct a privacy risk assessment

  • Find and identify sensitive data in your business

  • Define processes for data masking

  • Control who can access the data within your organization

  • Secure all-in-one regulatory compliance

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