Data Masking Tools

  • De-identify your organization's sensitive data
  • Protect personally identifiable information
  • Satisfy GDPR / CCPA / HIPAA / HITECH / GLBA / PCI and other compliance requirements
  • Anonymization available on-premises

Data Masking Tool Overview

Today’s businesses face significant punishment if they do not meet the ever-increasing privacy requirements of both regulators and the public. Vendors need to keep abreast by adding new algorithms to protect sensitive data such as PII and PHI. Hush-Hush stays at the forefront of privacy protection (Patents: US9886593, US20150324607A1, US10339341) with its PII data discovery and anonymization tool workbench (also known as data de-identification, data masking, and obfuscation software). It helps you find your and your customer's sensitive data, classify it, anonymize it, and comply with GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA / HITECH, and GLBA requirements. Use a collection of rule-based atomic add-on anonymization components to configure comprehensive and secure data anonymization solutions. Hush-Hush components are out-of-the box solutions designed to anonymize both direct identifiers (SSN, credit cards, names, addresses, phone numbers, etc.) as well as indirect identifiers, with both fixed and generic algorithms. Hush-Hush data masking tool anonymizes data in databases, files, messages, in-memory during runtime (via our SDK), and can be run on a configured schedule or ad-hoc as needed. Anonymize sensitive data both on-premises and in the cloud.

Automating Data Masking Process


Discover Sensitive Data in Databases, files, HL7 and EDI messages, and text.


Hush-Hush's anonymization software can suggest appropriate algorithms, but also allows you to perform and assign your own expert determination of PII/PHI in your databases as well as HL7, X12, and text files.


It also helps you create workflows in SSIS - you get a wide range of pre-configured workflows designed to mask sensitive data, which can be customized to fit an even wider range of use-cases.


Data anonymization jobs can run on schedule or ad-hock.


Create an audit trail in the form of various reports for GDPR, CCPA, HITECH and other regulations requiring compliance with industry-standard metrics such as k-anonymity - among others!



Minimal Development Time

Hush-Hush data masking components are "the tool at the tip of your fingers". You install them in a minute, create workflows in a minute using discovery tool, than test, deploy, and schedule without much ado.


There is no need for complex administration and extra personnel to develop, configure, and monitor. There is no need to have components as "centralized" repositories. Build your unified enterprise solutions using distributed components, achieving the flexibility, robustness and time-to-market while providing adequate protection.


Easy and Robust Integration

Hush-Hush is agile -  no need to learn new tools and maintain points of integration. Hush-Hush data masking pack easily integrates into the native SQL server SSIS, Biztalk, and code via API.


Using the SSIS and Biztalk native robust functionality, connect to a variety of sources and use extremely comprehensive and flexible engines for data transformations.


In addition to SQL Server on-premises, mask data in any type of database and file such as Oracle, mySQL, IBM DB2, PostgreSQL, IngreSQL, Sybase, Access, Excel, flat files and other forms of files*.


For the data that never end up on a disk, use components with Biztalk or via API. You gain by reducing Total Cost of Ownership.


Multiple Algorithms

Hush-Hush anonymization tools convert the compliance policies - be they "Safe Harbor" or "Expert Determination" of HIPAA / HITECH, direct and indirect identifiers of GDPR / CCPA. or any other sensitive data model - into anonymization solutions.


Hush-Hush uses industrial - grade algorithms (some patented, patents xxxx, xxxx, xxxx) such as random and deterministic substitution with proven data sets, character substitution, generalization, shuffle, date and number variance.


Our consultants help you prove that your PII / PHI satisfies industry established metrics such as k-anonymity and l-diversity. Custom algorithms are available.


Diverse Use Cases

Hush-Hush data masking solutions are widely used with outsourcing, testing, development, training, support and third party integration and co-development scenarios - in any place where you need realistically looking data preserving the original relationships and sometimes even errors - for the benefit of the real scenarios with sensitive data hidden from the unauthorized "eyes".


Small Footprint

Data masking components install with one click straight into SSIS,SSRS, BizTalk, or any custom framework and take a minimal space on a disk. Also, in order to mask data you can either use or avoid creating the "golden copy" database with our custom SSIS frameworks. The decision is yours.

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