Installing Instruction


Installing Instructions

Requesting and Installing a Trial Version

We have provided an easy request form for the trial version of the components on our product page and via the "Request" menu option accessible from anywhere on the site. Simply fill in the form and click on the button. We will email you the trial of the latest release promptly. Currently, the trial version will last for one week, after which the components will state that the trial period has expired. You will need to uninstall the components from SSIS. Please note that the trial version oftentimes might have limited features and only serves to familiarize you with the components. The production version of the component will contain the complete functionality.

Preparing the environment

We are currently supporting SSIS components up to VS2017. You will need to download SSDT.



SSDT for VS2012



16.5 SSDT for VS2013 16.5



17.4 SSDT for VS2015 17.4

17.3 SSDT for VS2015 17.3

16.5 SSDT for VS2015 16.5



15.8.2 SSDT for VS2017 15.8.2

15.8.0 SSDT for VS2017 15.8.0

15.7.1 SSDT for VS2017 15.7.1

15.7.0 SSDT for VS2017 15.7.0

15.6.0 SSDT for VS2017 15.6.0

Downloading and Installing

The link we will send you will lead you to the installation, the manual, and installation instructions.

Run the installer.

You are good to go.

In case the components did not refresh in SSIS Toolbox.

How to Refresh the SSIS Toolbox

In SSDT, 2012, 2014,2016,2017:

Get into the Data Flow tab.

Right-click on the toolbox.

Refresh the Toolbox.

Components how-tos videos

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User guide download
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