Sensitive Data Discovery and Masking Combo (SSIS)

Find and protect sensitive data effortlessly

HushHush Data Discovery and Masking Tools allow you to:

  • Find, identify and mask sensitive data quickly and safely across your enterprise

  • Control who can access your sensitive data

  • Meet the compliance requirements of privacy laws


Ensure hassle-free compliance

Simplify and automate your organization's compliance with GDPR, GLBA, HIPAA, HITECH and other privacy regulations. Our data protection products are in line with both the NIST and HITRUST risk frameworks.

Find and identify sensitive data in your database

Discover sensitive data in Excel and text files and autogenerate SSIS workflows to mask them. Move data with de-identified information across the enterprise safely for development, testing, and research purposes using easy-to-use workflows.

Take the strain off developers

HushHush data discovery and masking tools install and integrate seamlessly, saving you valuable disk space – and your developers time.

Features include:

  • Simple to use and comprehensive discovery and masking suite

  • Consistent data masking across the whole enterprise

  • Discovery patterns based on metadata and statistically significant data values

  • Best-match algorithm auto-selection

  • Algorithm tuning capabilities

  • Source-to-destination auto-matching

  • Auto-generation of SSIS package

  • Multiple tables package generation

  • Custom properties interface

  • 18 elements and generic algorithms

  • Nulls and white spaces handling

  • Sensitive elements Audit Export into the file

Software requirements:

  • Windows 8,10 OS

  • SSDT 2012, 2014, 2016

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