Discovery And De-id For HL7 & X12

SDDT for HL7 and X12 is a utility for discovering sensitive data elements in the semi-structured, HL7 and X12, format files and processing the files either in multi- or single- file mode.

This solution uses discovery and ranking algorithms that are based on metadata and data values.

Only the statistically-most-used data values for each sensitive type are used, to maximize performance. n Selected elements get matched with the most suitable algorithms and presented in a color-coded display.

A user can fine-tune algorithm selection and decide on outcomes including moving the data, move as-is or mask and move.

The pre-defined sensitive models for each format are included as well as an ability to modify them and customize via Sensitive Schema configuration module.

The resulting files maintain original format yet sensitive data is replaced with values produced by algorithms.

Features include:

- Discovery patterns based on metadata and statistically significant data values

- Best-match algorithm auto-selection- Algorithm tuning capabilities

- Pre-defined schemas of sensitive elements and ability to customize- Mask, do not mask, or disregard

- Multiple Batch Files and Single Preview Mode

- Logging and Error Handling


Software requirements:

Windows 8,10 OS

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