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Hush-Hush Editorial

Just like with the year 2000, GDPR has created a lot of anxiety among software professionals and rightfully so. If the company is found non-compliant in data sharing, DevOps and its ability to "forget", it can incur heavy penalties. It also revived the Data Masking industry that so far was addressing just a niche of the market. However, many Data Masking vendors arrived to it unprepared. Oh, there is no doubt that they revived their websites to reflect on the fact that they provide GDPR compliance-related solutions, and they included some revised explanations, but do they really implement anonymization and pseudonymization as prescribed by GDPR? To find out why historically the concepts have not been implemented per vendors, what the compliant solutions really are, and how you can implement them with Hush-Hush patented algorithms, please request a custom webinar  via www.mask-me.net

Product News


Hush-Hush expanded its suite of algorithms with more components, including long-awaited redact component and Mask-a-Key component.

Redact component replaces alpha-numeric parts of content with the length-equivalent value consisting of user-defined substitution characters. For example, when you choose "x" to be a substitution character, you will get

"John Doe"  -> "xxxx xxx"

If you want to substitute just part of your value, you can always use the Derived Column transformation editor that allows sub-string function - and then replace only the part of the value that you want with the characters:

"Credit Card 4443-4444-3333-2222" -> "Credit Card 443-4444-3333-****"

The component is a convenient and very fast way to mask the text values.  You can find an example of the packages in samples installed in Hush-Hush directory.

Mask-a-Key component is used for consistent masking of any length integer or unique identifier based values, which are most often used as keys. You do not need to use customization of alphanumeric or shuffle -based solutions anymore to keep values consistent, and they have enforced masking algorithm that allows easy implementation of pseudonymization solutions with SSIS. 

Discovery Tool and Auto-package Generation.

Thank you all for submitting your suggestions via website and emails!
The discovery tool now 

  • can generate packages for all the tables, including those you do nor intend to mask,
  • includes all the new algorithms,
  • has improved error handling
  • has a runner that lists all the tables covered
  • has all the PII types noted in the report
  • new components (mask-a-key, rollups and redact) suggestions added in the discovery tool
  • names of tables/schema added to dataflow names
  • ability to select a folder for all output files added

Please give it our new release a try.

Free month trial offer in Azure is ending soon.

As you know we have created several Azure VMs offers, and one of them has free month trial. It will be ending in May.

Company News

As we are planning to participate in several events please keep a watch.

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