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As announced in our press release, now you can try HushHush Data Masking components in Azure with a free limited time trial for a month. Our solution is a VM based image with the components and the sample solution that has a package per each component with a typical data sample. It will get you running in no time.




HushHush expanded its suite of algorithms with roll-up components encompassing numeric, string and date data types. Now you can maintain your statistical distributions for the reporting or research purposes, while also maintaining the RI.

Company News


We hope you did not miss the news on the "First SQL Saturday" In LA ever, that was organized by the very active and creative team of SQL Server professionals. HushHush founder was among the organizers and speakers, and Hush-Hush sponsored the event. We also are growing a new Pleiades of speakers - attendees in LA met Vlad Ushakov, our associate architect, who co-spoke with Virginia on the security issues in SQL Server.

We also had a very successful SSIS Fundamentals and Beyond. 2016 Features presentation with the Virtual Chapter led by Steve Cantrell. Many thanks to Steve and aspiring 300 attendees! We had so many questions and requests for continuation, that we will be doing a sequel in December. Wait for Steve's announcement!

Trending Stories


GDRP is gaining significance in Europe and within international companies. Early 2016, the law was adopted by the Council of the European Union , then Parliament, and in May the regulation entered into force 20 days after it's been published in the EU Official Journal. Organizations have two years grace period to move, after which the law will be fully enforceable.

Intel moves security into the hardware - and we think it is one of the most significant innovations happening in the industry today. Will it affect HushHush? not in the slightest, in fact HushHush solution is complementary in privacy and security enforcement.

HushHush Editorial


A  couple of months ago, Microsoft announced a round of layoffs. If you did not sell cloud solutions you were our. That single strategic move confirmed the seriousness of the software giant intention to move to the cloud. Along went HushHush - we released the first Azure solution for the data masking. It has a limited time offer of one-month free trial. You can read about it more in our press release.

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