Development Services

Entrust your next project to our fully-managed team of highly skilled developers and engineers. We create the right package and team for you and employ proper implementation to get the job done on time.

Fully Managed Teams

Whether you need help with end-to-end software development and testing, UI/UX design and cybersecurity, or simply need to argument your team for a big project, our specialized team of developers and engineers are here to support the growth of your business.

Our IT specialists and subject matter experts are fully managed and dedicated to delivering a professional service. We integrate with your team and your Agile systems for a disruption-free experience.

Software and Custom App Development Services

Let us help you with the development of enterprise software solutions that meet the unique needs of your business or help you get your SaaS, mobile and desktop applications ready for market.

Let Us Help You With:

Web-based Enterprise Projects

Custom Development
Real-Time Customer Service Software
Enterprise Resource Planning System Web/Mobile
Customer Relationship Management System
Microsoft 365-based Software
AWS-based Software

Web-based B2C

UI/UX Design
Multimedia-based Catalogues
Smart Content Recommendations Engine

Enterprise Desktop Utilities

Data Discovery and Classification
Data Masking Utilities
EE Testing Utilities

Small Business Desktop

Rental Scheduler
Inventory Management and Reporting

Mobile B2C

Dating Social Network
Parental Control Application
End-to-end Software Development
Software Testing

Data Intensive Projects

BI and Data Analytics
Intelligent Search and Recommendations
NLP and Sentiment Analysis
SaaS Projects
API Integration
IoT Projects


Application Migrations
Database Migrations
Cloud Migrations (Azure, AWS, Google)

Engineering and Firmware Projects

Gaming: Smart Tables and Equipment
Robotics: Welding
Robotics: Movie Cameras
Robotics: Machine-Tools and Other Manufacturing Equipment
Consumer: Smart Devices

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