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Hush-Hush Wiki


Agile Implementation of Data Privacy Compliance with Hush-Hush Components

Hush-Hush is a data masking components pack that allows companies to comply with privacy regulations and limit access to a non-production environment.

Our SSIS product line installs into SSIS, expands data flow functionality, and is ready for application development in any mode: Agile, Kanban, Six Sigma, and ol' Waterfall. The person familiar with SSIS requires little-to-no training to start using the components. Data masking SSIS components are data flow components each representing a specific algorithm. The algorithms used together are capable of masking any solution. The algorithms are very simple to understand and use. Current SSIS workflows might need simple modification vs. complete replacement and integration with stand-alone software. New data workflows using the components let you activate data masking components in a non-production environment and disable them in production. Our new data discovery tool allows not only your database professional but also your security or compliance engineer to auto-generate SSIS extract-transform-mask-load (ET(M)L) workflows without any prior knowledge of SSIS.

API-based data masking components embed into software frameworks, including those of BizTalk, SSAS, SSRS, and support privacy-in-design features of custom-built software.

We believe that you can develop masking solutions fast using development tools. After all, data masking (de-identification, anonymization) is part of the software development lifecycle. We also believe that policies are indeed just the algorithms and that they do not have to be "centralized" via repositories. We believe that policy unification for the enterprise should be achieved via distributed components. This allows ultimate flexibility, true enterprise-wide utilization of various data storage formats, robustness, and satisfies time-to-market requirements while providing adequate protection.

Requesting and Installing a Trial Version

We have provided an easy request form for the trial version of the components on our product page or via the "Request" menu option. Simply fill in the form and click on the button to log your request. You will receive an email with the links to the download of the trials and the manual. Currently, the trial version will last for 7 days, after which the data masking components will state that the trial period has expired. At this point, you might buy a license ( this is the most desirable outcome to us) or uninstall the components via Hush-Hush.exe or "Remove Programs". We understand that not all solutions fit all cases. Please, note, that the trial version often times will have limited features and only serves to familiarize you with the components. The production version of the data masking components will contain the complete functionality.

Preparing the environment

Visual Studio 2008 is home to familiar BIDS.

Visual Studio 2010, 2012, and 2013 as of June, 2013 also can be used for SSIS development. You will need to download SSDT

Downloading and Installing

The link we will send you will lead you to the installation, the manual, and installation instructions.

Run the installer.

You are good to go.

In case the components did not refresh in SSIS Toolbox.

How to Refresh the SSIS Toolbox

In BIDS, 2008:

Right-click the toolbox and then click Choose Items.

In the Choose Toolbox Items dialog box, click the SSIS Data Flow Items tab for a data flow component.

Click the check box next to your component, and then click OK.

In SSDT, 2010, 2012:

Get into the Data Flow tab.

Right-click on the toolbox.

Refresh the Toolbox.

Using the Components

Instructions on using all the components are available in two forms: in the form of a manual for download on the installation page and as pages in wiki, each of them under their own name.

Components how-tos videos

Download a Trial