Data Masking In Azure

According to MSFT, "Ninety percent of Fortune 500 companies trust their business to run on the Microsoft". The only cloud -based data masking solution, Hush-Hush is in Azure. Create your own image and discover sensitive data in your company databases, create SSIS workflows to mask this data and run - all in the expandable infrastructure. Don’t get stuck with the size of your box if the amount of operations is now more than before, and connect to different servers all across the enterprise and mask data consistently.

Two images are currently in place: an image with SQL Server 2012 SP2, SSIS and data masking components and new image with SQL Server 2016 with SSIS, data masking component and a sensitive data discovery tool. Sample packages solution on both images allows you to see how to run the workflows. Connect to any version of SQL server with the discovery tool and to any database and files with SSIS.

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