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HushHush provides multiple modes of development from rapid prototyping to complete commercial development to the most innovative companies, big and small. Below are some of the projects we have had the privilege to work on.

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Semantic Web Searches

In order to help scientists find the best -omics tools, our client, g6g, needed a tool to search the web intelligently based on defined ontologies, RFD and principles of the semantic web.

Provided Services : Data Search and NLP, Data Analytics and BI, Enterprise

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Smart Shopping Cart Management

We provided web-based real-time configuration software in the Internet-of-Things architecture for a Smart Cart Solutions Manufacturer.

Provided Services : Data Analytics and BI, IoT, Integration


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Amazon Integration

We developed an ASIN sales optimization utility to integrate into Amazon for an Amazon seller. Through the utility, the seller is able to see product trends, generate reports and integrate their data with third-party apps and CRMS.

Provided Services : Web and Mobile, Data Analytics and BI, Integration

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Extended Software Tools

We created a desktop utility for sensitive data discovery and data de-identification that automates the data masking cycle.

Provided Services : Data Search and NLP, Data Analytics and BI, Integration, Enterprise

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Space Welding

Our team developed automated electrical arc welding systems and software for robotic arms, weld heads and power supply controls, with extensive GUI and real-time management. Features include a proprietary standardized protocol to remotely integrate third-party software via TCP/IP, and on-the-fly translation and display of text, menus, dialog controls, etc. to the user's native language.

Provided Services : IoT, Engineering and Firmware


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Self-Tuning Gaming Fraud Detection

We created a gaming system that includes fraud detection, RFID, dealer and player-assisted devices, automated card shoes, shufflers and graphical representation of game logic/game outcomes, as well as clickstream Business Intelligence.

Provided Services : Data Analytics and BI, IoT, Engineering and Firmware

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Flying Movie Cameras

We built remote control cameras for aerial and other hard-to-access locations for cinematography. The system uses an Inertia Measurement Unit, accelerometers, and GPS to achieve movement stabilization. The software controls up to eight movement axes on a camera with record/playback capability on all three axes. The system also allows for "stretched" and "compressed" playbacks. Real-time section performance is achieved by using 1ms hardware interrupt.

Provided Services : Engineering and Firmware


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ERP solution

We designed custom Enterprise Resource Planning software for an appliance repair shop. The application covers the complete company life cycle including inventory management, service ticket management, scheduling of technicians, invoicing, customer service complaints, insurance claims servicing and custom reports.

Provided Services : Web and Mobile, Enterprise

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Real-Time Sentiment Analysis

We created a web-based product for a distributed enterprise customer service team that streamlines work distribution by prioritizing incoming emails and chats by urgency. It has elements of operators' management as well, allowing the manager to approve or reassign work if needed. The system allowed primitive email editor and sentiment analysis.

Provided Services : Web and Mobile, Data Search and NLP, Data Analytics and BI, Enterprise

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Application Upgrade Project

DN Fleet is a system designed to control how employees utilize their corporate mobile devices during work hours and while driving. Our goal is to revive and complete the project for the client.

Provided Services : Web and Mobile, IoT, Integration, Enterprise

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Video Catalog Search

This complex web product includes multimedia elements, metadata search, and many integrations with external services such as Blackboard, Canvas, etc.

Provided Services : Web and Mobile, Data Search and NLP, Enterprise


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SaaS Platform

We were tasked to build an SaaS and associated e-commerce platform for a tech suite of services that enables clients to upload requests for services in a GUI-friendly, usable, and efficient manner. The project involved the development of core products and services involving gRPC/protobuf.

Tech stack: C#, Java, React, Redux, Material-UI, Express, PostgreSQL, Redis, Node

Provided Services : Stripe integration, Code production, Reacts.js development, App development, UI development, Software development

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