HushHush offers an all-inclusive suit of products allowing you to discover and de-identify your sensitive data in various formats across enterprise.


Data Masking Components

Our data masking components (Patents: US9886593, US20150324607A1, US10339341) are the core of the HushHush data masking tools suite. They provide a variety of industrial-grade algorithms to meet or exceed all accepted standards for data privacy metrics like k-anonymity and l-diversity. Companies in healthcare, pharmaceutical, financial, and ecommerce, as well as educational industries and government agencies use our algorithms to create data masking solutions to comply with U.S. and Canadian laws, and even the EU Data Privacy Act.

Healthcare and pharmaceutical companies can count on our data masking algorithms and data sets to cover all PII/PHI elements as outlined in Safe Harbor method of HIPAA ( ). We also provide a variety of generic algorithms you can customize to your specific requirements and algorithms that allow custom data sets. These components enable ease of SDLC with Pass Through features and custom keys.

Address Dynamic
City Names
City Names Dynamic
Company Name
Company Name Dynamic
Country Code
Country Code Dynamic
Credit Card
Credit Card Dynamic
Date Of Birth
Date Rollup
Decimal Number
Dictionary Substitution
Email Dynamic
First Name
First Name Dynamic
Full Name Info
Full Name Info Dynamic
Generic Alpha Numeric
Generic Alpha Numeric Dynamic
Generic Phone Nu
Generic Phone Nu Dynamic
Generic Shuffle
IP Address
IP Address Dynamic
Last Name
Last Name Dynamic
Load Dictionary
Masking CC
Masking CC Dynamic
Names with Gender
Names with Gender Dynamic
Number Rollup
SIN Dynamic
SSN Dynamic
State Province
State Province Dynamic
String Rollup
URL Dynamic
US Phone Nu
US Phone Nu Dynamic
VIN Dynamic
Zip Code
Zip Code Dynamic
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randomX X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X
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Data de-identification process always starts with discovering sensitive elements of PII and selecting the algorithms for the best database protection with expert determination process. In the databases with the thousands of tables, some of which defined with abstract metadata that does not describe the elements it contains, for example in SAP, the discovery process could be a daunting task taking not hours but days. Furthermore, any change in the solution schema requires re-evaluation of the discovered sensitive data elements, starting the process anew. To speed up this sensitive data discovery process, Hush-Hush offers a sensitive data discovery tool that connects to databases and discovers sensitive fields based on both the metadata and elements values search with assigned scores.

Graphic user interface provides for the effortless tuning of fields selection and corresponding data anonymization algorithms. Other features of the tool include an export of the fields for the potential compliance audits and an automatic generation of SQL Server Integration Services packages if the components are installed on the same machine. The package generation is available for the SQL server only in current release with upcoming Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and IBM DB2 in future releases. Learn More

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SSIS Components

SSIS Components are an extension of SQL Server Integration Services. They install into SQL Server Data Tools with one click and can be used to create static data de-identification solutions that span your entire enterprise. They connect to a variety of databases via OLEDB, ODBC, and SSIS drivers for maximum flexibility of implementation.

When using our SSIS components to build a custom solution, users can leverage familiar SSIS capabilities like code flow components, generic data transformation components, data type conversions, logging, and change data capture - in addition to the data masking components- and much, much more.



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API Based Components

Practitioners working with .Net can use our API data masking components to embed their own dynamic data masking capabilities into their code. HushHush components provide role-based access to data, which is controlled in the code via our predefined API , reinforcing our “privacy-in-design” architecture.

Our API data masking components also extend the functionality of BizTalk’s HL7 accelerator, EDI and SSRS with simple code implementations. Simply call a line of code from the extended properties of SSRS calculated field, for example: HushHush.MaskingLogic.SSRS.Mask.PhoneRandom(“+1.898.456.4456”) Learn More

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CLR Components

Designed for SQL Server DBAs, our SQL Server CLR components provide a powerful extension of SQL Server functionality. These CLR components are accessible from the table-valued functions via Common Language Runtime.They move all the complex string operations into the CLR – where they belong - while performing complex rules to create elements like tokenized false Credit Cards, addresses, country codes, IPs, etc. And our CLR components API is simple to use and comprehensive read about our CLR Components in Wiki Learn More

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Try All Products

Download a trial to SSIS, CLR, API components and a sensitive data discovery tool at once. Together, sensitive data discovey tool and components create a powerful automated de-identification as a part of a life-cycle. On the databases with thousands of tables, with multiple changes, keep up with automatically generated packages in-between development and testing iterations. Learn More

Hush-Hush provides two products in Azure marketplace as virtual machines images. One is an image with SQL Server 2012 SP2 with SSIS and data masking components and another is SQL server 2016 with SSIS, data masking components and Sensitive Data Discovery Tool. Ours is the very first native Microsoft-based solution to perform this data masking. For the companies utilizing Azure in development to stretch Azure infrastructure and mask data on an as-needed-basis, our Azure Market Place is the most-powerful solution available.

Hush-Hush also offers a free trial of these discovery tool for one-month. The sample packages are provided with the Hush-Hush Data Masking VM and other pre-packaged support to help you navigate the components logic. Learn More

Lab Products

For devices with a C++ or .Net code stack, Hush-Hush components provide an opportunity to embed data masking functions by white-labeling the components on the device itself or even in the middleware layer. Learn More

For practitioners who have not installed Biztalk and need to de-identify HL7 and x12 message files, Hush-Hush provides a utility that masks other elements of HL7 v2 and x12 files. We provide both multi-file and single file modes that allow users to define and save models of the sensitive elements. These sensitive element models can pre-define the algorithms selections for each element of the standards’ existing schemas for HL7 v2 (2.1 through 2.9) and 8035 and 8037 of x12. And these components use the same algorithms as the components lines, allowing for uniformity of enterprise data masking. Learn More

Like our SQL Server CLR components, PostgreSQL data masking components greatly extend PostgreSQL functionality. Using a simple API to call components from the functions of PostgreSQL, developers can create complex rules of all 18 elements and their generic algorithms to automatically manage tasks, allowing the DBA to concentrate on their everyday work. /n If the practitioner needs to move data to the PostgreSQL from files or other databases and mask elements on the fly, the very same algorithms in SSIS will perform transformation consistently. read about PostgreSql Componets at wiki Learn More

Hush-Hush, in conjunction with the Stanford University technology, allows sensitive data discovery and de-identification with its Text Data Masking CTP (community technology preview). Using simple configurations of the algorithm selection there’s no need to write code to provide consistent data masking of text and structured data throughout all your enterprise applications. Learn More

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