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Data Masking Services

Hush-Hush offers service, support, and education that reach the same high enterprise level standards as Hush-Hush data masking software. We will stop at nothing to keep it that way which is why we are always expanding and improving our Core Service Capabilities:


HH creates custom data masking solutions, SDLC automation, and research and development services


Hush-Hush provides live Support 24/7/365 via Email, Telephone or In-Person for custom data masking software solutions . Hush-Hush adheres to ITIL principles.


Hush-Hush releases timely blogs and newsletter about the state of data masking. Hush-Hush provides state-of-the-art training both on-premises and on-line.

Creating Data Masking Solutions

Hush-Hush develops the most comprehensive anonymization/de-identification solutions that satisfy particular customer needs, from expert determination in the re-search projects to "Safe Harbor" be it HIPAA or European Privacy Law. In anonymization Hush-Hush adheres to the best practices.

Data masking best practices

  • Sensitive data discovery

    • Safe Harbor (18 elements) and expert determination

    • Manual and automated discovery


  • Data de-identification

  • Test automation

  • Expert solution verification

  • Preparation for an audit

  • Integrating Data Masking into SSIS, SSRS, SSAS, BizTalk, .Net, SaaS

Developing the Data Life Cycle Frameworks and Solutions

Hush-Hush enables the data lifecycle process by building the data flow framework for any type of development process.

Engineering best practices

  • Source control and team process architecture

  • Code propagation

  • Sub-setting

  • Data masking and test data creation

  • Master data management

  • Data quality

  • Data archiving

  • Database maintenance

  • Disaster recovery

  • Performance monitoring and enhancement.

Processes best practices

  • Software Development Methodologies:

    • Favors of Agile: Scrum, MDD, TDD

    • Waterfall

    • Six Sigma

  • Agile Governance: risk management, change management, team performance management, development metrics, product ownership.

  • Agile-on-Steroids: Model Driven Development in third of the time with less than 10% of regular error rate.

  • Using engineering best practices: TDD, Continuous Integration, Automated Testing.

Developing Custom R&D Software Solutions and Integrating COTS

We provide state-of-the-art data custom masking software solutions using several models of operation.

  • R&D integration into solution - the latest in text processing, de-identification technologies, Data Science, and image processing

  • Microsoft CRM and ERP solutions integrations with custom developed applications via SDK and ETL.