Hush Hush is the very first data masking solution on the market that natively integrates into the SQL server suite.

Minimized development time

Hush Hush  is a pure masking algorithm suite encapsulated into the components. Whereas in custom development using available mechanisms, or with other third party tools, your developers need to gain very specialized knowledge to develop custom code, or to configure the toools, Hush Hush takes learning and guessing out of the hands of your team and provides approved industry solutions. If you will need extra customization, you will come to the experts that specialize in the trade and will do it fast and with proven quality.

Small footprint

Hush Hush extends the SSIS components suite. No extra interface, no custom installations, and – no extra copy of production environments if you decide to mask on the fly are needed. If you do indeed decide to mask on the golden copy, than you will reap the benefits of the Hush Hush native integration into SSIS with its ability for massive parallelization.

Available in real- and near-time

Backups and restores take time. By the time you need sensitive data to develop and test, copying the production environment, subsetting it, and applying masking technology might become impractical. Masking on the fly within the ETL process is an answer that Hush Hush provides to near real-time requirements of non-production environments. Hush Hush also provides the way to mask production sensitive data in real time to unauthorized personnel by easily integrating into your desktop, web or cloud based software.

Multiple algorithms

Hush Hush allows you to choose different components based on different requirements. Allowing ways to prioritize among performance, uniqueness, and consistency, Hush Hush helps your data professional mix and match proper solutions while satisfying the unique technical environment’s landscape of your organization.

Not tied into other data lifecycle management tools.

Providing the quality akin to the most affluent vendors, Hush Hush provides only necessary functionality to complement your existing solutions, without the expense of buying an expensive suite. It integrates into the SSIS natively making it the only solution filling the gap in the SQL Server data development lifecycle.