We trust our partners to work with us to deliver the best solutions. We select the best in the industry: the most innovative and the most quality to work on behalf of you, our client.

Since 1985, Melissa Data has been a leading provider of data quality and address management solutions. Our data quality software, Cloud services and data integration components verify, standardize, consolidate, enhance, and update global contact data for improved communications and return on investment (ROI). More than 10,000 worldwide companies rely on Melissa Data to gain and maintain a single, accurate and trusted view of critical information assets.

The Solliance team is comprised of a core leadership team and a strong network of technology leaders, architects, designers, developers and test engineers. For projects small and large we assemble the right team fitting your technology requirements and implementation strategies.

KI Design develops business transformation IT solutions. They offer products and services satisfying client needs in the areas of privacy, security, compliance, and big data. Products include Portfolio Management, KI Communicator, a secure Unified Communications Software, & KI Audit a privacy audit solution.

Telesens International ltd. (London, UK) is one of the European leaders in the development, distribution and support of software systems across a variety of sectors. With its origin in telecommunications, the company was founded in 1998 at a time of rapid growth in the market. Anchored by its cutting-edge, high-performance technical solutions, Telesens soon became a major software development center for businesses in Europe, Asia and USA.

Firm Solutions Inc: FSI is a results-oriented consulting company that transforms business with disruptive innovative technologies by transforming mix of sensors, wireless connectivity, and databases into complete systems while maintaing the highest standards of quality and innovation.

Info Incognito has created a data anonymization service that is used to protect the privacy of individuals and reduce the risk of data breach. We will build an automated process to mask and de-Identify personally identifiable information (PII) that is contained within your electronic records when this data is being used for secondary purposes. De-identification is absolutely required when using protected health information (PHI) for secondary purposes without the patient’s consent. Some examples of secondary purposes include copying production databases and datasets for the purpose of quality assurance testing, software development, research, and outsourced services. Info Incognito supports both the HIPAA Safe Harbor method and the HIPAA Expert Determination method.