Hush Hush is an offspring of Firm Solutions, Inc, fourteen-year old consulting company. One of Firm Solutions partners, working for a variety of financial institutions, repeatedly implemented custom data masking solutions from scratch, even though there were third party tools on the market.

After research leading to a beta version of de-identification software, it turned out that practitioners did not:

  • A. have time to learn the masking methodology essentials,
  • B. have time to learn the tools themselves,



  • C. trust their data in someone's "cloud" with web-based tools,
  • D. want to build and then maintain extensive solutions for maintaining referential integrity, or even
  • E. install a third party tool

They wanted a trouble-free solution that integrated into existing workflows and also provided the ability to mask data based on roles in real time.

Adjusting for these requirements, Firm Solutions came up with an innovative product and moved it to a child company, Hush Hush.

  • Virginia Mushkatblat



  • Virginia Mushkatblat is the founder. She wrote her first computer program at the age of 14 and has been in technology ever since, progressively rising through the ranks and trying on different hats in technical, consulting, business development, and managerial roles. She has worked for Startups and Fortune 100 companies, and in the course of her work shaped data landscapes of not only enterprises but entire industries. These industries included finance, entertainment, e-commerce, internet advertisement, manufacturing, and communications. She holds Masters Degrees in Engineering and in Computer Science and originated several patents.

  • Yuriy Lobzakov



  • Yuriy Lobzakov is an accomplished technical leader within various fields of computer engineering . Over the course of his career he has worked as an architect, and in technical management and operations management capacities for companies such as Research in Motion (RIM), Genesys Telecommunication Laboratories, and Five9. He graduated from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, one of Russia’s most prestigious technical schools. He specializes in advanced algorithms, AI, integration and security. He has patented multiple solutions that have become the core of unique and widely used implementations of popular technologies such as server engines and voice-over software. He also has experience in leading Telecommunications Engineering and Operations teams that are geographically dispersed across North America and Europe, and in established functional relationships with carriers and service providers. Yuriy is consistently recognized for creative and resourceful problem solving, technical acumen, and leadership. Yuriy loves hanging out with his family and friends, and enjoys nature and activities like sailing, skiing, and snowboarding. Whenever possible, he tries to combine these pleasures, and commonly brings his family and a company of friends with him on his outdoor adventures.

  • Dr. Robert Lancione



  • James Marmolejo has leveraged his creative abilities to fuel emerging companies throughout his sales career. His main objective is offering services and products that increase the survival of the intended recipients. From offering the PAIGE library from DataPak Software in the mid 1990’s, which dominated the text library cross platform environment to being the first sales rep of Panda Security (1999) and graduating to the Sales Executive of Panda Security USA early during his tenure there, He has always focused his energies towards his main objective. In additional to creating sales policy and procedures for companies and building production from scratch, he has stayed connected operationally by having a hand in communicating with prospects and customers regarding the offerings presented.