Hush-Hush offers service, support, and education that maintain the same high quality necessary for enterprise functionality as our data masking software. We will stop at nothing to keep it that way.

data masking solutions

Creating Data Masking Solutions

Hush-Hush develops the most comprehensive anonymization/de-identification solutions that satisfy particular customer needs, from expert determination in the research projects to "Safe Harbor" be it HIPAA or European Privacy Law. In anonymization Hush-Hush adheres to the best practices.

Data masking best practices

  • Sensitive data discovery

  • Safe Harbor (18 elements) and expert determination

  • Manual and automated discovery

  • Data de-identification

  • Test automation

  • Expert solution verification

  • Preparation for an audit

  • Integrating Data Masking into SSIS, SSRS, SSAS, BizTalk, .Net, SaaS

Hush-Hush offers service, support, and education that reach the same high enterprise level standards as Hush-Hush data masking software. We will stop at nothing to keep it that way which is why we are always expanding and improving our Core Service Capabilities:


Hush-Hush provides live SUPPORT 24/7/365 via Email, Telephone or In-Person for custom data masking software solutions. Hush-Hush adheres to ITIL principles.


Hush-Hush releases timely blogs and newsletter about the state of data masking. Hush-Hush provides state-of-the-art training both on-premises and on-line.


Developing the Data Life Cycle Frameworks and Solutions

Hush-Hush enables the data lifecycle process by building the data flow framework for any type of development process.

Engineering best practices

  • Source control and team process architecture

  • Code propagation

  • Sub-setting

  • Data masking and test data creation

  • Master data management

  • Data quality

  • Data archiving

  • Database maintenance

  • Disaster recovery

  • Performance monitoring and enhancement.

Processes best practices

  • Software Development Methodologies:

    • Favors of Agile: Scrum, MDD, TDD

    • Waterfall

    • Six Sigma

  • Agile Governance: risk management, change management, team performance management, development metrics, product ownership.

  • Agile-on-Steroids: Model Driven Development in third of the time with less than 10% of regular error rate.

  • Using engineering best practices: TDD, Continuous Integration, Automated Testing.

custom software solutions

Developing Custom R&D Software Solutions and Integrating COTS

We provide state-of-the-art data custom masking software solutions using several models of operation.

R&D integration into solution - the latest in text processing, de-identification technologies, Data Science, and image processing

Microsoft CRM and ERP solutions integrations with custom developed applications via SDK and ETL.